Before Specific Care

“I had allergies to nuts, peanut butter, and cats. By the age of 7 I had to be on allergy medications year-around and use an inhaler quite frequently. We were just getting ready to begin a 5 year treatment with allergy shots and thought we would try upper cervical chiropractic first. So glad we did! Before Specific Chiropractic Care I couldn’t go to peoples’ houses who had cats because of my cat allergies. I had to use medication daily which was frustrating. I had to use my asthma inhaler before any running program at school and could not run distances.”


After Specific Care

“Now I can go to friends’ houses because it (chiropractic) helps my allergies. I can also run distances without having to use my inhaler. I no longer need QUVAR or Albuterol for asthma and flonase, zyrtec, and singulair for allergies. Now, one year after starting care, I am off of all my medications and and doing great. I can have my dogs in my house and did not have to get rid of them. I am so glad i never had to have allergy shots. I have more confidence, not being tied down to medications and ingeneral am happier and have more energy. Don’t give in to the traditional healthcare system without giving The Specific a chance first.

Complimentary Nervous System Consultation

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