Most people who set fitness goals do so at the beginning of the year, when New Years’ resolutions are still fresh in their minds, when their willpower and conviction are the strongest. By summer, these same people often lose their momentum, when circumstances change or when the immediate results they expected don’t happen as quickly as they’d like.

smart goal setting conceptThese are crucial moments when the decisions we make can decide the fate of our fitness regimen for the rest of the year, even the rest of our lives. If your goals were too vague or unrealistic to start with, now is the time to sharpen your focus while achieving a level of success your mind and body can live with.

Perhaps you expected too much from yourself, especially if it had been a long time since you engaged in any regular exercise. Maybe you “bit off more than you could chew,” or you simply need a coach or a guide to help smooth out the rough spots in your regimen for health and wellness.

Most exercise plans and “healthy” diets fail because the path people choose for themselves is so drastically different than what they’re used to, they can’t manage the difficult changes they’ve structured for themselves. When the pressure and physical effort becomes too hard to bear, many give up completely, instead of letting up on the gas pedal or finding a happy medium.

You don’t have to exhaust yourself at the gym or starve yourself in the name of fitness. As a society, we are programmed to expect everything to magically fall in our laps, with relative ease and certainty. Better health takes hard work and discipline, and some are better than others are at maintaining their composure and keeping themselves moving in the right direction.

There is also the element of injury to our “core” supportive tissues in the back, the spine, and the tendons and joints that allow us to move freely. If we push our bodies beyond their limits, the potential for a damaging injury that limits our mobility makes staying on track that much harder.

There are practical tips for losing weight, staying in shape, and eating healthier, three things that can have a dramatic effect on the condition and stability of our nervous system and our cardiovascular system.

These are the key elements that pump blood and vital nutrients throughout our tissues, lubricate joints, and infuse the body with vigor and vitality. If we tax our bodies less with excess weight, empty calories, and erratic exercise routines, they will respond in positive ways, creating energy that keeps the wheels of our “train of fitness” in motion.

Sometimes all you need is a helping hand to bring your personal goals back into focus. The Specific Chiropractic Center has put together a special interactive class this month for a select group of willing individuals who want to discuss their obstacles and success stories with others. The practical tips we learn as a group will help us choose SMART goals for better health.