Before Specific Care

“I thought growing old meant having arthritis and pain that increased the older you got. My hands were swollen every night (painful), my back hurt, my knees creaked when I walked, I had hot flashes, all my joints (shoulders, feet, arms, etc.) would ache at different times. I had Migraine headaches frequently & intensely. When I was with my grandchildren, I tried to plan activities that would not hurt my body like reading books, doing crafts, puzzles etc. I had migraines that would make me stay in bed all day and frequent hot flashes.”


Gayle Johnson
66 years old
Grandmother to 11

After Specific Care

“I can play duck, duck, goose & be the goose! Now, I feel unlimited when I am with my grandchildren, up & down, running, dancing, jumping, etc. I can work on the computer all day, knit or crochet or do handwork as long as I want. I have freedom to focus on activities without hurting. No more swollen or painful hands. Arthritic and joint pain is just gone. I also have NO MORE HOT FLASHES or medication for this. I am also not as afraid of having a migraine because they are not so severe. I am HAPPIER & HEALTHIER.”

Complimentary Nervous System Consultation

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