Generation Rx: The Lie of Adolescent Health Care

genrx_14-lg There are certain long-established doctrines within Western medicine that have continued to evolve without intervention from the general public, who sometimes question the common diagnoses being eschewed by doctors at large. The extreme sensitivity concerning the prevalence and abuse of drugs like Ritalin, Vicodin, and Prozac among adolescents and the ill effects they contribute to is the focus of a recent documentary called Generation Rx.

The movie, produced by Kevin P. Miller, an investigative journalist who has received numerous accolades for the documentary films he began producing in 1990, examines this controversial subject and focuses on a global conspiracy to treat children pharmaceutically with powerful drugs that have been shown to have devastating effects on the individuals to which they were proscribed.

In Generation Rx, the ethical dilemma of financial gain as a consequence of medical treatment is seen as an epidemic with far-reaching side effects. The collusion between influential entities like the Food and Drug Administration and health officials sympathetic to applied psychiatry, which relies heavily on pharmacology to correct deviant or erratic emotional behavior in young adults, is the crux of this film’s social complaint.

A collective of parents, doctors, and health experts deliver a scathing review of major pharmaceutical companies, media sources, government, and scholastic officials who perpetuate the fallacy of the efficacy of such drugs in treating children labeled as emotionally unstable.

The testimony revealed in interviews with industry experts and parents reveals a system of criminal corruption and negligence in treating kids with psychotropic drugs that have similar effects as those illegal drugs being closely monitored by law enforcement in local communities. The arbitrary, political conditions that guide the course between diagnosis and treatment are seen as threatening to the long-term health and wellness of future generations. The film demonstrates the need for advocacy and public involvement in the initiatives of the healthcare industry as a whole.

The widespread use of dangerous drugs in treating the effects of ADHD and similar behavioral conditions in adolescent children is disconcerting, when combined with news reports of adverse social and criminal behavior in these same individuals months and years later. Our dominant treatment philosophy would appear to have less to do with a child’s welfare than the perpetuation of profitable business relationships among peers in a well-established medical community.

The Specific Chiropractic Center will hold a private screening of this important documentary this month to educate our local family of concerned citizens on the inherent dangers of this seemingly innocuous society of drug-friendly practitioners and organizations. Please call today to reserve your seat for this limited engagement and a subsequent discussion of the important issues it reveals.


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