Before Specific Care

“I had many different ailments, but the most prevalent issue was my anxiety. I couldn’t function normally. I was reclusive and very unsocial because I was in fear of the anxiety that took over my body when I engaged in any conversation. My heart would pound, my face would turn red, my voice and vision would shake, and my mind would go blank. It’s a very sad and lonely world when you have anxiety. After a bad experience with prescription drugs, I vowed to go the alternative, natural way. I tried Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine and I tried different types of therapies. These helped, but my anxiety was still there. I couldn’t live this way. I kept searching for answers…”

Gina Casey
29 years old

After Specific Care

“My life has completely changed. Almost instantly my anxiety went away along with my depression. I have mental clarity. I know it sounds weird, but my brain feels better. I love and cherish my life now which is amazing to me. Upper cervical chiropractic doctors are wonderful people and I’m so glad that I was led here. It’s so very complex yet so simple: They gave me my life back.”

Complimentary Nervous System Consultation

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