Before Specific Care

“I was prepared to go to the Creator; I even contemplated on burial services, chose an area and prepared papers just in case it happens. Nevertheless I kept on living life as it should be to the best of what I can do. I could not even go beyond 2-3 steps in a staircase (due to my asthma). I had chiropractic adjustments for 11/2 years before upper cervical but it didn’t sustain prolonged healing. After the first few upper cervical adjustments I was rid of this horrible pain of carpal tunnel syndrome I had since 1994 and after 2-3 months my high blood pressure was gone. I am now free of my acid reflux problem as well as low and mid-back pains.”

Marie Lou Denoga
52 years old

After Specific Care

“I no longer have a need for painkillers and less need for anti-inflammatory medications. No more acid reflux and high blood pressure medications. I can now walk more than a block and swim a 20 foot stretch… You cannot have a life if you live on dead nerves, stiff muscles, aches and pains and degenerative conditions!! Medications are a temporary fix; upper cervical is a specific approach to truly healing and balancing the operation of the human body. If you’ve tried several ways to heal and it does not work it’s because you didn’t address the root cause of the problem.”

Complimentary Nervous System Consultation

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