7 Reasons to Thank Your Mother for Good Health

As children, we think we know best when we want to eat three meals of chocolate cake and apple pie. We’re positive there is nothing wrong about staying up all night and skipping soccer practice because we’re tired. And surely it would have been perfectly fine to stay inside and watch television instead of scraping our knees at the playground.

Luckily we had our mothers, though, to point us on the road to good health. This Mother’s Day (which is May 9), take a moment to thank yours for these seven things that she did, which gave you a head start on a happy and healthy life.

  1. She made you go to bed at a decent hour. A full eight hours of sleep each night is necessary for maintaining optimal concentration and response time. Lack of sleep causes people to feel irritable and damages our ability to perform at our peak in physical activities.
  2. She made you get dirty. Your mother didn’t mind you making mud pies or exploring the bugs that lived in the backyard. When kids are given the opportunity to be kids, their skin heals faster and their immunity to germs is strengthened.
  3. She made you wash your hands. Despite letting you play in the mud, your mother’s insistence that you keep your fingernails clean had less to do with you getting dirt on her tablecloth and more to do with keeping you from getting sick. Frequently washing your hands ensured you kept bacteria and viruses at bay.
  4. She made you eat your peas. Green peas are packed with eight vitamins, seven minerals, fiber and protein—all essential components for maintaining good bone health. Peas also support cardiovascular health and the energy-producing cells and systems in the human body.
  5. She made you exercise. You may not have realized it at the time, but those hours of tossing around a basketball with your friends and the races up and down the street on your bike weren’t just to get you out of the house. Your mother knew that regular physical activity helped control your weight, reduced your blood pressure, kept your cholesterol level in check, reduced your risk of diabetes and improved your psychological well-being.
  6. She made you laugh. Whether you two caught the occasional laugh-at-loud film or she just had a way of making you smile when you were feeling out of sorts, your mother managed to get you to laugh every once in awhile. Little did you know at the time that laughing helped keep your stress in check and actually burned a few calories too.
  7. She made you use your imagination. Instead of constant stimulation from television or video games, your mother encouraged you to draw, read and play. All of these activities encouraged you to use your imagination, which helped you define who you are and fostered problem solving skills that you still use today as an adult.

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