Once again the doctors from The Specific Chiropractic Center have partnered with the Life Chiropractic College West El Salvador Outreach Program and have gone to the country of El Salvador to give of their time and expertise in an effort to further the message of Specific Chiropractic and to give HOPE to those in need.

This year twenty-four upper cervical specific chiropractors have taken time away from their families and clinics to travel to the country of El Salvador continuing our effort to provide upper cervical chiropractic care for thousands of the local people in desperate need.

This is the 6th year that doctors from the eight Specific Chiropractic Centers have returned to the Central American country.  The doctors have been split into six groups to care for patients at various sites around the capital city of San Salvador.  The effort is organized by Life Chiropractic College West in the United States has the full support of the El Salvador government as well as the local Minister of Health and Medical Board.  In fact, the local Ministry of Health has been advertising the coming of the Specific Chiropractors and has allowed us to utilize four of their public clinics as work sites.  As a result of their collaboration each site had average of 100 people waiting for an hour or more in order to get a chance to be examined and adjusted.   Overall, after two days, over 2,600 people have been checked for upper cervical subluxations and adjusted, if needed.

This is only the end of our second day of the five-day trip and already some of the people of San Salvador have had their lives changed for the better.  Even many medical doctors of San Salvador have put down their stethoscopes and prescription pads in order to be examined and adjusted.  One medical doctor has had nearly constant neck pain for 20 years and after receiving only one upper cervical adjustment the neck pain was gone!  Another local man has been suffering from the effects of a condition called ankylosing spondylitis and after receiving his correction he claimed this is the best he has felt in years.

The healing capability of the human body is far greater than most people give it credit for and a relatively simple procedure, which requires no medication and no surgery, has the power to unleash the healing powers of the body.  The people of San Salvador clearly understand this concept, do you?

Stay tuned for more updates and more incredible stories from The Specific Chiropractic Center’s doctors in El Salvador!