As a nation, we were built upon the concept of manifesting greatness. Founders believed that they would flourish, and so a fledgling nation was emboldened to grow into a booming success. Thoughts do become things, and we utter words of the importance of positivity, encouraging people to “see the glass as half full,” and “never say never,” but do we truly believe in those words?

Why aren’t we getting better?

We are a sick nation. There is no arguing that. Over one third of Americans are clinically obese, fewer and fewer are reporting any amounts of physical activity, we smoke more cigarettes per capita than Canada and India combined, and coronary heart disease is the number one cause of death. Why aren’t we getting better?

The U.S. spends about $2.5 trillion dollars each year on healthcare. That’s two and a half times more than other similarly developed countries. Looking at every dollar spent as a measurement of attention and focus going into something, it is a massive amount of potential, yet the U.S. also ranks a dismal number 27 in average life expectancy. So again, why are we not getting better? If there is all this energy and money being focused on healthcare, shouldn’t we see our overall health improving?

Is Health Care Focusing On Your Health?

We would, if the energy and dollars were being put into the right facets. Money is spent on helping the sick to maintain a level of general function but in no way actually thrive. People don’t get healthy on health care, they just feel less awful. With so much focus and energy going into this pit of frustration and negativity, it is no wonder that we are manifesting our own demise. We are making ourselves sicker by giving so much attention to a lack of health.

Emphasis is placed on sickness and negativity. People focus on poor health. Individuals who are unhealthy are given far more social attention than those who are vibrant and thriving. We are social creatures. We crave connections, attention, and acceptance from society, and the current media and healthcare trends are awarding that attention to illness.

The Five Pillars of Health

Ok here is the good news. You do have control of your life and your health. In fact it is very simple. In the office I call it the five pillars of health: proper nutrition, sleep, exercise, positive mental attitude, and a properly functioning nervous system. How can it be that simple? Your body wants to function correctly; in fact your body’s default is health. We have to get out of the victim mentality and into the empowered mentality. You are made perfectly and all you have to do is follow the recipe of health. Let’s focus on health and the core problem of dis-ease. You probably are missing one of the core elements. The first 4 you can do yourself, the last one you have to have checked by a professional. If you have never had your nervous system checked, that’s ok because that is what I do every day in the office. I would love to help you achieve optimal health and empower you to take control of your life. Remember health comes from inside of you. You have control.

By Dr. Alison Bremner, The Specific Chiropractic Center, Boulder, CO. You can follow Dr. Alison Bremner on Facebook.