The last time you went to see a doctor did they check your portfolio and give you financial advice? Well, if you’ve recently been a patient at Harvard Medical School you might find yourself leaving with more than just health recommendations.

A recent study about the cost of being sick surprised the researchers at Harvard and inspired them to start making financial recommendations.

After reviewing the court records for over 2,000 random personal bankruptcy cases the researchers at Harvard discovered the most common reason (62%) was excessive medical expenses. And even more surprising was that most (78%) of those that filed for personal bankruptcy came from solid middle class homes and they had private health insurance. One of the authors of the study went so far as to say, “Unless you’re Warren Buffet, your family is just one serious illness away from bankruptcy.”

The best financial investment we can make right now is our health.

Think of it like this – health insurance keeps you healthy like life insurance keeps you alive – it doesn’t. Health insurance is still a smart thing to have due to accidents and emergencies, but as the Harvard study revealed it won’t do much if you suffer from a chronic health problem like diabetes, arthritis or heart disease.

The overwhelming majority of chronic illnesses are preventable and reversible. It often involves changing our diet or our lifestyle a bit, but it can be done. Therefore, your best shot at avoiding bankruptcy and protecting your financial future is to invest in your health.

The five areas you’ll want to focus on are:

  1. Proper nutrition
  2. Regular activity/exercise
  3. Adequate amounts of sleep
  4. Developing a positive attitude
  5. Maintaining optimal nervous system function.

The responsibility of improving and maintaining your health is yours and yours alone and investing some of your time and money now will pay huge dividends later.

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This post was written by Jason Gonzales, our doctor at The Specific Chiropractic Center, Chico, CA.