We all remember the advice our mothers gave us growing up. We have all heard all of these at one time in one way or another! When we think of what our mothers taught us about health, most of us remember the old cliché “Eat your vegetables”.  When they worried about our safety, some of us recall when our mothers used the worst case scenarios like “Let me know where you are, so that I know you aren’t dead in the ditch somewhere,” or even just a simple “Call me when you reach your destination.”  Other mothers would call with advice, even if it wasn’t asked for, and say “You should do it this way,” forgetting that we have our own choices to make.  Some mothers liked to share sad stories about what happened to so and so, hoping we learn from those mistakes and don’t end up like “those people.”

When we look back on everything our mothers told us, we should realize something quite noteworthy about all of the things we’ve heard. You see, underneath all of the worry and concern, if we translate what our mothers were trying to say, then we hear some beautiful thought processes such as: “I just want to hear from you that you are doing/feeling well,” and “I’m just trying to make things easier for you,” and “I love you, even if I can’t find those exact words sometimes.”

It all comes down to a deep level of communication! Good communication ensures that there is a greater understanding of what really matters in life: that we continually live a high quality of life filled with fun and laughter. Perhaps there’s nothing better to give back to our mothers than showing them we are actually thriving, and feeling fantastic!

What if I told you that this communication model fits exactly into how your “motherly brain” communicates with the trillions of cells (kids) in your body?  The cells in your body continually send messages of communication back “home.” And the brain responds with the needs of each individual cell. How cool is that?

What’s not so cool is when that communication is interrupted, or interfered with.  It’s much like a cell phone not receiving a call. It’s not a phone problem, it’s a reception problem! Our bodies are capable of healing, more so than most people realize. There is nothing wrong with the body itself until a lack of communication goes on for a while, after which the body starts to show signs and symptoms of that lack.

Ultimately, if there is a communication problem, then it can be found in a simple check that we as specific doctors do on a regular basis. We can check to make sure there is no “reception problem”, and if there is, use an adjustment to open the lines of communication back up. It is all about improving that very communication, so that body and “motherly brain” can have a thriving relationship. And isn’t that really what your mom has been meaning to have with you, even though she didn’t know how to say it?

To all the Mothers out there, Thank You for the wonderful model that you are. We honor and show our respect!

This post was written by Eric McEntire, our doctor at The Specific Chiropractic Center, Draper, UT.