300600p1367EDNmainhope-hands1Life is not always fair.  Bad things happen to good people.  Some choose to be proactive in life and take excellent care of their bodies.  They eat all the right foods and exercise with a focused intent. They live this lifestyle for years, and to their peers seem like a specimen of health.  They are vibrant, they are personable, but their minds are slowly beginning to degenerate.  They seem to be misplacing items and are using incorrect words in once articulate conversations.  Something is going on inside their bodies, specifically the brain and spinal cord, which seems to only be getting worse.

Multiple Sclerosis is a degenerative brain disorder where the body’s normal defense mechanism begins to attack the communication highway within the brain.  Now, if you are someone like me, you are not satisfied with the explanation that you simply have bad luck or bad genes.  You would be the type of person to ask questions, to dig deeper and find out exactly why this is happening and what can be done to get your life back.

If you are suffering from MS, you have more than likely been on a combination of treatments including but not limited to: Rebif, Aubagio, Copaxone, Gilenya, muscle relaxants, physical therapy, massage, or aromatherapy.  Unfortunately, the purpose of these treatments is to reduce the symptoms of MS, but looking at the list above, nothing there is geared towards getting you well of the diagnosis.

The most up-to-date research available shows us that there is a reason why that communication highway in your brain is deteriorating.  It is being caused by the fluid which surrounds the brain and spinal cord, called Cerebral Spinal Fluid (CSF), leaking out of its normal channels.  When the body detects that this CSF is not where it belongs, it attacks as if it were a foreign invader.  This leads to the plaque seen on MRI and the progression of the disease. It begs the question, what can be done to prevent this leakage!?  Research is also showing that a misalignment of the upper two bones in the spine, called the atlas and axis, changes the pressure balance in the skull, and can cause CSF to leak out of its normal channels.  You can almost think of it as if you were to cover part of a garden hose with your thumb – the change in diameter leads to an increase in pressure. For scientific backing of these results, please click here.

There are specific Doctors who work with this type of injury; Doctors who are specially trained to correct this type of misalignment.  If you are someone who has been suffering from Multiple Sclerosis for years and have not gotten the results with treatment that you expected, please visit www.thespecific.com.  We have been working with MS patients for over eleven years, helping people who also thought that they ‘just have to live with it’. To hear one such story, please visit www.livelife.thespecific.com.

Remember, your current state of health does not dictate your future.  There is hope to see positive changes with Multiple Sclerosis.  To learn more, please contact your closest office and schedule a consultation with one of the Doctors.  You are not alone in this battle – let us be a resource for you now, and into the future.

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