If you want the stats than here you go! We think there are some facts you might not know.

First Reason – Staying Calm is a Lifestyle

Addison pic 1It’s no secret, and this is why most people want to either vacation or live in Hawaii. Beaches, laid back people, and the abundance of natural beauty that is evident as far as the eye can see, all allow residents of Hawaii to “take a chill pill.” Even while driving. Just like this.




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Second Reason – You Can Find This Everywhere

Money may not do this, but health literally falls from the trees. Fresh, local, and clean eating can be fostered easily due to local markets and tropical living. You literally will most likely be a short walk away from fresh fruit and vegetables no matter where you travel in Hawaii.



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Third Reason – Second Opinions are a Cultural Norm

Last and most importantly when it comes to health, getting multiple perspectives about your health opens up possibilities. It’s common for families and individuals in Hawaii to visit professionals like Doctors of Chiropractic, which reduces hospitalizations and complications.


All of this is especially true for Kaua’i, HI because each photo is of a location on Kaua’i that you have access to. Whether it is Lawai International Center, a place for compassion and healing, a local farmers market, or visiting The Specific Chiropractic Center – Kaua’i.

And by the way, these things you can find in your area, and you can play an active role in making your state one of the healthiest places in the nation.

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