Beep!Beep!Beep!Beep!….There it goes again.  The dreaded alarm is going off, waking you up out of a sleep that you JUST started.  You’re so tired even your face feels heavy, and it’s all you can do to swing your arm over and smash down on that snooze button.  You close your eyes again, trying to fall back to sleep for seven precious more minutes but you know it’s not going to matter – today is going to be like all the other days.  You’ll slump out of bed and onto the floor with your feet feeling like lead. You can’t quite open your eyes all the way as you shuffle down the hall to the kitchen, silently praying you remembered to get the coffee pot ready the night before.

If you’re like most of the patients I see, then this has been your story for years.  You’ve been to fifteen doctors, and probably been told you need to eat better, exercise more, and to take a vacation.  If you’re like most of the patients I see then you’ve probably also been told you have a thyroid issue, chronic fatigue, or maybe you’re just depressed.  The “solution” has been, “Here, take these and lets see how you do in a couple of months” or “Well, I’m just going to up your dose and let’s add this new pill as well.”

If you have been feeling this way, then let me tell you first first of all that you are not alone.  You are not crazy, and it’s not all in your head.  I want you to imagine a world where someone LISTENS to you, performs a battery of tests, and actually looks for the root of the problem.  I want you to imagine being shown, “Here! Here is your problem” and “Here is the plan we need to follow to make it better.”  Imagine working WITH your doctor and actually FEELING something happening.

Something like waking up and feeling rested.  Feeling lighter and more clear-headed throughout the day.  Remember what it was like to complete a sentence without saying “Ummm?”  Without walking into a room and wondering “Why did I come in here?”  I want you to imagine walking into a room full of people and they smile brightly at you because  you look so refreshed.  Not smile like they pity you because you look so tired, that annoying smile similar to what a child receives when they get a boo boo.

Imaging waking up and feeling refreshed, feeling like you want that cup of coffee because you enjoy it, not because you need it.  Imagine what it’s like waking up and simply turning the alarm off.  No more need for that snooze button.  If any of this sounds like you or someone you know, please click the link below for some great information on how to make all this imagining a reality.  You will find some great information that will help you take back your sleep, take back your energy, and take back your life!