Let me tell you about a story that happened to me. A dear friend of mine, who is a wife, a mother, and a student called me on the phone in complete despair. She was at her wits end from the demanding tasks and pressure to be a loving wife, a nurturing mother, and a successful business woman. She looked in the mirror and no longer recognized the woman she had become. She had gained weight, was failing her classes, and was becoming the type of mother she had once told herself she would never become.

It was in this moment she realized, “My boys have so much energy and I just can’t keep up. If I start doing workouts with them, I can kill two birds with one stone – build more energy for me and burn off more energy for them!”

That night I posted on THEXFITDOC Facebook page two workouts called WORKOUT OF THE DAY-MOMMY AND ME and WORKOUT OF THE DAY-DADDY AND ME. Guess what? That post was SHARED, LIKED, and TWEETED.

Whether you are a mom, housewife, or a business woman trying to find balance in your life when all odds are against you, it truly is possible. Working out, cooking, or painting with your children should be fun and can actually recharge you.

If you are feeling at your wits end, I encourage you to check out thespecific.com and watch the testimonials of people who truly have had their lives changed with Upper Cervical Care. I want to help you get your life back!

Here’s what I would like you to do. Click this link and go to thexfitdoc.com to watch the video that has inspired so many!

-Dr. Cailen Wells


P.S. Check out the workouts below and try them for yourself!

Daddy and Me Workout

Mommy and Me Workout