“Don’t let mental blocks control you. Set yourself free. Confront your fear and turn the mental blocks into building blocks.”  Dr Roopleen

How many times have you felt that something inside of you was holding you back, preventing you from achieving your goals?

External factors are easy to identify, but identifying and overcoming a mental blockage is far more difficult. Breaking down the mental barriers of our subconscious is no easy task.

On many occasions, we have to cope with a lack of knowledge and/or a lack of experience to move forward with a decision. Sometimes this is because of what we learned in school or whilst growing up, and sometimes it’s because the issue was non-existent or simply wasn’t part of our “life track,” and now we suddenly have to deal with it. For example, scenarios such as an accident, an injury, a diagnosis, or even winning the lottery all present us with situations that we have never met before which, in turn, causes a mental blockage due to our confusion as to what we should do and our fear of making mistakes or life decisions.

However, if we assume that everything we meet in life is designed to advance, promote, and teach us how to find new solutions to become better people, then we will use our accumulated experiences to find new paths which will compensate for our lack of experience.

image01It is most useful under these circumstances to fully understand those areas in which we are most restricted. In other words, it is important to know which abilities are not serving us and which do in these situations. In order to overcome this type of mental blockage, we need to evaluate our abilities and our weaknesses. If we look at the issue of an accident, something that we may not have experienced in the past, then we need to find some solutions with professionals such as Chiropractors, car and health insurance agents, and lawyers. We need to have a clear understanding of the repercussions on our health, and find ways to release ourselves from the trauma which creates the mental blockage.

Many people, when forced to deal with unfamiliar states, get cold feet; or, put another way, they experience a form of mental paralysis leading to a blockage. The majority of people don’t like it when their natural survival states, their lifestyles, and emotional status are suddenly threatened. When these situations occur, most people find themselves unable to think – their brain is paralyzed with no ability to function properly.

image00This situation can result in a deterioration of the ability to function and cope, even to the extent of falling into deep anxiety, apathy or an attempt to escape reality – all of these, individually and collectively, build up accumulated damages to our self-image and our ability to cope. Fear is a state which prevents the individual from functioning properly and appropriately; they begin to react out of the very basic levels of survival instincts instead of using their mental capabilities. That is why, in order to cope and release a fear based on a mental blockage, paralysis or an inability to cope, we need to neutralize at least one of the fear factors by searching for answers, and finding solutions.

Dr. Naxielly Cordoba and the other Doctors at The Specific Chiropractic understand what it means when the answers are closely and clearly matched to you, just like a tailor-made suit. The extensive answers provided by the initial exam and the recommended plan of care facilitate building the ability to better cope with life’s surprises rather than creating mental blockages.

Set yourself free!!