“I wish my company sent me to Hawaii on business!”
“Seriously? A team meeting in Hawaii?!”
“Must be nice!”

These are just a few of the comments the doctors of The Specific receive when they share with their patients about closing the office to travel to a semi-annual team meeting. And rightfully so–it IS nice to “have to go” to Hawaii!

The docs just returned from their team meeting in Kauai, which was hosted by Dr. Addison Bulosan, a native of Kauai who returned to his home island after completing his ten years of schooling. They spent three days hunkered down in a hotel conference room, hashing out systems, plans, ideas. Several docs gave presentations on various business topics and on their practices, and all the docs made and renewed commitments to better serve their communities. This training is so intense that several of the docs’ spouses sat in on the meeting, to gain clarity on what consumed so much of their partners’ time. To say that team meetings are important to the doctors of The Specific is the understatement of the year!

Of course after those insane three days, the docs enjoyed all the beauty and adventure that Kauai offers! A favorite sentiment of The Specific is that “there is no glory in the grind”, and it’s true. The Specific docs do what they love, which includes taking care of you, spending time with their families and visiting beautiful places! There’s no time or need for a grind in that!

In six months the team will reconvene in Atlanta, Georgia, the home of Specific doc Cailen Wells, for another intense meeting of the minds. (The luxury suite at the Braves Stadium is already in the works!) Then in 2017 the team will venture to Phoenix and Dallas, as offices are slated to open in those cities this year.

The Specific team and its growth is all to better serve you! And your friends and family across the country! It is our goal that when you say, “My mom/dad/sister/cousin/friend needs help. Do you know anyone in __________?” that we can say, “YES!! Dr. _______ is there!” Or at least nearby!

We’ll keep you posted about our growth, training and adventures! Just remember, you’re in the right place.