Misaligned SpineMiracles From Heaven – Have you seen the new movie trailer?

I have been waiting for this movie to come out for a few months now to share this post with you. If you have any understanding about the work we do here at The Specific, then you understand that UNRESOLVED traumas happen, and they happen to many. Often times when I ask patients if they have ever experienced a trauma they say, “No,” or “It was only minor.”

This movie reflects the work I do, and explains how a little girl who fell from a tree developed a sickness. Later she experienced another fall and was healed. Let me explain how the work I do directly reflects why this could happen, and that it really isn’t a MIRACLE that occurred. When there is trauma that happens and it LOCKS the first bone in your neck, (HOUSTON CONTROL CENTER OF YOUR BODY)  it DIRECTLY affects your health because of it’s connection to the Brain and Nerve System. I’m in the communication business, not neck and back business. When there is a breakdown of communication to the rest of the parts of the body, you become sick!

When this girl fell for the second time, her body UNLOCKED what was locked to allow her body to restore itself back to health again. Movement is life – without movement we can’t thrive. It’s NOT a MIRACLE – it’s what biomechanically and physiologically happens to the body when there is a trauma. Traumas can occur from a slip on a sidewalk, a fall off a bike, or even a seemingly minor car accident.

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Dr. Wells

P.S. Watch video here – Miracles From Heaven