Have you ever found it difficult to get to the gym, whether it be from lack of time or lack of motivation? Are you not seeing the results or goals you had set out to attain? Are you bored with your current workout program?

In this blog post, we will answer those questions, help you find reasons and solutions, and provide you with ideas that will help you to achieve success in no time.

One suggestion that will make a huge difference for you is to get a workout buddy. Meeting a buddy for a workout gives you a set time to plan for your training session or to take a class together. This solidifies a scheduled time that you should meet for your workout. Set a time, crush your workout, and BOOM – You’re done! Wasn’t that easy?

There will be some days when you’re just not motivated, and staying in bed for an extra 30 minutes sounds like the better choice. (I know I’ve had those days!) But knowing that your buddy is making the same commitment should give you the extra push to get you there. Besides, an early morning workout is a great way to start your day!

Let’s be honest, you may even have a day when nothing goes your way and getting to the gym after work just doesn’t seem possible. Your buddy may have had the same unfortunate luck, and what better way to reverse that misfortune than to get in a workout with your buddy and crush those problems away. After a great workout, BOOM – those problems won’t seem as bad as you thought. So as problems arise, look forward to working out with your buddy. You’ll be glad you did!

So now, what about those goals that have been lingering in your mind? That tropical vacation that’s only 2 months away, your wedding that’s 6 months away, your doctor who has instructed you to get your health into gear, or you just want to be the best YOU ever, but you just can’t seem to make a dent on that goal which seems so far-fetched. ┬áNot being able to attain your goals, or even know where to begin, can be discouraging. This is where your buddy can step right in and keep you focused; to help you stay on track and make your workouts fun and exciting, all while you are keeping your eye on the prize.

For starters, it’s easy to stay in your comfort zone, but having a buddy will push you to the next level. For example, if you want to increase your bench press by 10-15 pounds, having your buddy there as a spotter will ensure that you can attain your goal and get it done safely. BOOM! You hit your goal!

Now let’s talk about how much fun it is to workout out with a buddy. ┬áDouble your pleasure, double your fun. There are countless variations of traditional exercises that can be done with your awesome buddy. Here are a few of our favorites:

Hip Switch – Check out video example here.
Lay hip-to-hip on the ground with your partner’s feet toward the side of your head (vice versa). Grab your buddy’s wrists as they grab yours. Start with 1 minute and work your way to 2 minutes.

What’s Up Push-up – Check out video example here.
Greet your partner as you come up from a push up and clap his or her hand, alternating sides. (Modified version on your knees)

JJ and Jane’s Get It Done! Check out video example here.
(Customize your own combination of 5)

  • 5 Skier swings
  • 5 Thrusters
  • 5 Bicep curls
  • 5 Renegade rows
  • 5 Groiners

First round, perform exercises for fastest time and add 10 seconds. Each round after must be completed under that assigned time frame. The sooner you finish, the sooner you rest. Repeat for 6-10 rounds.

JJ and Jane’s Partner Push Check out video example here.
(Customize your own 3-5 exercises)

  • Rows
  • Skier swings
  • Jump squats

Work as hard as you can for 8 rounds of each exercise. Do 20 seconds on, and 20 seconds off as your buddy keeps time (and of course cheers you on!)

Bottom line is: two is always better than one. There are many benefits to training with a buddy. Chances are, your success is just a buddy away.

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Your journey, your choice!

– Jane Simbre Janero, DC