Have you ever noticed that some things only require a tiny, itty-bitty change?

One Degree of ChangeDo you know the difference between one degree and another when it comes to temperature? One degree can make a difference in an entire state of matter – solid to liquid (ice to water) or vice versa.

One degree of change might seem to be an insignificant thing if we are not aware of the environment the change is affecting.  One degree of change can maintain the frozen state of the polar ice caps, and can keep the icebergs floating. So when you think of the ocean with its vast mass of water, one degree of change could be a huge thing.

What about when tuning a musical instrument? Take a guitar for instance – one degree tighter on the strings makes a huge difference on the sounds the guitar produces. One degree too tight could stress the strings to a breaking point. So one degree actually makes a big difference…

What about one degree of change with respect to your health? Let’s look to the most amazing and sensitive part of your body – your nervous system.  At The Specific Chiropractic offices, we use the latest technology to measure nervous system function, which is based on temperature.  The Specific doctors know that the neurological impact on your body is huge when there is a dysfunction. For example, when your nervous system is in constant stress and lacks balance, then your body cannot achieve a relaxed or restorative state.  For us at The Specific Chiropractic Centers, this one degree of change is where we can detect whether there is dysfunction or true health. Living in a state of nervous system dysfunction has a big impact on your health.

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Reference: National Geographic; Can Just One Degree of Change the World?: https://youtu.be/2_ZQRIsn2pA