BodyImbalanceMany people are wanting relief from a myriad of symptoms, and it is no surprise that pharmaceutical companies have tried to answer people’s questions by giving them temporary relief. If you have found yourself using those drugs to just “get by,” I want to tell you that we understand your situation. You see, I used to take medication for my itchy watery eyes, runny sinuses, difficulty breathing, and exhaustion throughout the day. My symptoms prevented me from seeing clearly in my college classes, and I deliberately wouldn’t go and do anything fun due to these symptoms. If I stopped taking the medication, the symptoms would return, and when I was taking the medication, weird side effects would interfere with my sleep and my focus.  Furthermore, the medications often caused frustration and irritability.

I was in quite a quandary at that time of my life, because neither of these choices (taking vs. not taking medication) was giving me what I ultimately wanted, which was to experience true health. It wasn’t until I started seeing an Upper Cervical Specific Chiropractor that I started to notice consistent, long-term relief. And you want to know the funny part about all of this? Sinus relief wasn’t what I went to see the Specific Chiropractor for – it was more of a nagging spinal soccer injury that prompted me to go in.  Eventually ALL of my symptoms went away as a “side effect” of resolving the root problem. The underlying issue needed to be fixed before anything else could change!

I have many patients who tell me that they didn’t think to mention all of their symptoms before they started care, but through their care they have experienced wonderful improvements in areas all over their bodies. I absolutely love hearing comments such as, “Doc! It’s like it never was a problem!” Other side effects of your brain-stem alignment include improved quality of sleep, increased immune system function, no more “brain fog,” and many many more!

The ultimate symptom of alignment is really the higher quality of life. Happiness seems more intense and relationships seem to give you more joy. Additionally, there are a myriad of the other things that improve when your body communicates properly, which for people who didn’t know experiencing true health was possible is truly amazing indeed! See you soon for your next appointment!

Dr. Eric McEntire D.C.