Weakest LinkWe have all heard the quote, “A chain is only as strong as it’s weakest link.”  This particular quotation is highly thought of, and widely used, within various sports teams, business teams, and other team-oriented organizations. Coaches, CEOs, and managers use these words of wisdom to demonstrate each individual’s importance to a team’s overall performance and success.

However, for me as a doctor of chiropractic, the “weakest link” denotes a totally different meaning. You see, you as a human being, just like a chain, are only as strong as your weakest link. Whether it’s how you eat, how much you exercise, your sleep schedule, an addiction, etc, – whatever it may be, your “weakest link” will always rear its head at some point; usually at the most inopportune time. So, whatever that link is in your life that is deficient, it defines you. In actuality, the better quote I like to use is, “The weakest link in the chain is actually the strongest, because it causes the chain to always break.” What this truly means is that it doesn’t really matter how many strong chain links you have in your life, because if one weak link in your health remains, then it will always be the one that causes the chain to break when put under a strong stress. And we all know there is no shortage of stresses in our world today.

Let’s use an example: In our offices at the Specific Chiropractic Center across the U.S., we often see patients like Joe. Joe is an owner of a shoe store in a small town in Georgia; he has a family consisting of a wife and two kids, and works about 50 hours a week making ends meet to provide for his family. Joe was diagnosed with high blood pressure by his primary care physician about 2 years ago. He doesn’t want to take the traditional route by taking medication, so for the past two years he has tried many different methods such as devoting an extra hour of his day to exercising, changing his diet to include anti-inflammatory foods, meditating thirty minutes a day, added drinking an ounce of beet juice a day to his diet, and has lost around twenty pounds in the process. While all of these steps have been shown to be very successful in lowering high blood pressure, Joe still has not been able to lower his blood pressure to the normal range he is desiring. In essence, Joe has made a lot of chain links in his life very strong, but there is still a weak link that has not been addressed, and ultimately still leaves him feeling hopeless. This leads to frustration and anger on Joe’s part, and a feeling of “I’ve tried everything” or “Nothing seems to work!” Sound familiar?

It’s this type of situation that is experienced by many people every single day in regards to migraines, fibromyalgia, insomnia, fatigue, infertility, digestive issues, and many other conditions. Just like Joe, many of these people have done their due diligence to try everything in their power to be proactive in resolving their problem. From medicines, to dietary changes, lifestyle changes, etc. – literally everything they can think of! Yet, at the end of the day, they are left scratching their heads, and searching “Doctor Google” looking for any answers they can find that might be the “missing link” to their issue.

So, the question really becomes “What is the weakest link in these patients that is continually leaving them in this state of confusion, anger, and most often times pain, for so long despite their every effort?” At the Specific Chiropractic Center, we believe, and most often times find, that the weakest link is our patient’s nervous system. The nervous system is the first system developed when you are a fetus in the womb. The nervous system carries out all the functions necessary for you to grow and become the person you are today. So in the words of the great Ron Burgundy, “It’s kind of a big deal.” If there is interference in the communication between your brain and the rest of your body as your body attempts to perform such functions such as regulation of high blood pressure (as in in Joe’s case), you can see how despite Joe’s many efforts to bring his blood pressure down, the true “weak link” still remains. Literally, his brain is picking up the phone to call his heart, and the phone line is filled with static (we all have had this frustrating experience). Thus, the function cannot be carried out – in this case, the result is high blood pressure.

By locating and removing the weak link that exists in people’s health, we find most often times that the body is able to, much like a chain, withstand a much stronger stress. By fixing the nervous system, patients are no longer defined by a weak link they didn’t know ever existed in their life when it comes their health; no longer under the power that has been holding them back, and not allowing them to experience their fullest potential. Because after all, nobody wants to live their life at half of their greatest strength or potential.

If this leaves you wondering, “Have I ever even had my nervous system performance checked? Is my nervous system the “weak link” that has been continually causing my health, much like a chain, to break down?” If so, one of our devoted doctors at the Specific Chiropractic Center would love to check the strength of your nervous system, which is the chain that defines your overall health. Just go to our website at www.thespecific.com, and learn how you can begin to gain momentum towards a healthy and prosperous life full of the finest YOU. Don’t let the weakest link in your life define you anymore!