performanceBeing a performance athlete is not easy. In fact, it’s the exact opposite of easy – it’s a full time job that requires immense coaching! Coordinating training cycles to ensure peaking at the exact right moment for the next race, competition or event; optimizing nutrition to ensure productive training sessions as well as recovery; managing the obligations of everyday life – sleep, stress, work, bills, family, social life — and staying healthy throughout it all! The list of challenges goes on and on. However, I promise that the BIGGEST problem facing today’s competitive athlete isn’t any of one these components.

In fact, the biggest problem facing today’s performance athlete is poor function of the nervous system.

We all know that the nervous system controls every single function in the human body. It is responsible for simple muscle coordination that is necessary for activities such as sitting or standing, as well as the complex muscle coordination needed for throwing a baseball or running a race. It controls the release of hormones that impact internal biochemistry. In fact, every second of the day from birth to death, the nervous system is working, coordinating, and adapting to ensure that the needs of the body are met. It’s incredibly important for living and training, and it, too, is prone to injury and illness. Changes in the body’s physiological state impacts how the nervous system functions. These changes are responses to stress.

How does this apply to you, the performance athlete?

Super simple: each and every day, athletes put themselves through a training regimen (train, recover, perform, repeat) in order to improve performance. Repetitive training disrupts the current level of performance and helps achieve a new, higher level of performance. The nervous system directs and controls this process. As this regimen is repeated over time, adaptation to training takes place, resulting in an increased ability to perform.

But what if that controlling system was not working properly? What if the guided coordination of all your training was sub-par? That’s right, appropriate adaptation would NOT occur, and increased performance would NOT happen.

The key to your ability to adapt, improve and prepare for the next competition lies in your neural efficiency. Neural efficiency is the ability of your body to positively change in response to a significant stressor over time. This positive change allows YOU, the athlete, to train day-in and day-out to make the progressive steps towards achieving your performance goals.

What happens when your nervous system isn’t functioning at 100%?

The majority of the athletes we see at The Specific Chiropractic Center have found themselves in training slumps. Their nervous systems are fried. I’m sure you can relate—each and every athlete has been there. Your energy is zapped, training feels like it takes forever, and just getting out of bed takes moving a mountain. Other symptoms of a fried nervous system may be:

  • Increased proneness to injury
  • Fatigue
  • Decreased performance
  • Poor sleep
  • Lack of focus

These are signs that your nervous system is not working properly; there is neurological interference that is negatively impacting your training and health. Ultimately, it’s an interruption in the signaling mechanisms of the nervous system causing a failure to adapt.

At The Specific Chiropractic Center, we specialize in testing nervous system function to determine IF there is interference, and correcting the problems found, especially for performance-driven athletes.

We utilize modern technology for advanced testing of the nervous system to ensure that you are able to perform at 100%.  Knowing that your nervous system is responsible for coordinating each and every function of the body, doesn’t it make sense to make sure it’s functioning without obstruction? If you are dealing with any of the issues discussed above, doesn’t it make sense to begin your search for a solution with a test of your nervous system?

There is very little downside, and a very large upside, to taking the time to schedule your appointment at The Specific Chiropractic Center for your nervous system analysis. Your training, performance and health depend upon it.

Give us a call today to get yourself checked, and performing at your true potential.