money-stacks-1024x768I’m gonna let you in on a little secret… so keep it hush hush. Seriously – I’m pulling the curtain back, Wizard of Oz style, so you can see a little of what happens behind the scenes at The Specific Chiropractic Center. So… shhhh… keep this between us.

Why all the cloak-and-dagger stuff? Well, you see I’m one of the newest doctors at The Specific, and I’m learning my way around: how stuff works, what’s expected of me, what I can and can’t say, that kind of thing. So in the spirit of asking for forgiveness rather than asking for permission, here goes…

I recently attended my first Team Training with the 26 doctors from across the U.S. that make up The Specific Chiropractic Centers.  During this 3-day intensive training, we covered the systems and procedures involved in running a Specific Chiropractic Center.  One portion of this training was about blog writing. I was challenged to share my experiences and my knowledge about getting sick people well with my community through a blog.  Writing is not difficult, but sometimes the perfectionist in me can agonize over exactly the best way to word a thought or how to best state an idea. In other words, writing takes effort.

So here’s the secret: A challenge was made that if I didn’t write my first blog by weeks-end, I would have to pay $100 to each doctor at the next team meeting – that’s $2,600 total!  Talk about motivation. Taking a $2,600 hit financially was so painful that I made sure nothing prevented me from getting this blog written!

As I thought about the incentive that’s motivating me to write this blog, I pondered what motivates people to take action.  Many times we do not act, even if it is in our best interest, until it really affects us… until it really hurts.  Pain, even just the thought of it, is a great motivator. In my case, I got this article written when faced with the consequences of not doing so.  In the same way, many of us focus on making our health a priority when symptoms or sickness pops up.  Many people turn their lives around after facing their own mortality, and these stories are inspiring, to be sure.  However, it should be more exciting, and more celebrated, when we have the foresight to take steps to prevent disease before it starts.

There is no greater investment you can make than in your own health. If you ignore this most precious commodity, the consequences can be way worse than $2,600. Without health, we cannot fulfill our purpose in life, which is the greatest tragedy of all.

Let’s make a deal with ourselves to not wait until problems arise before taking action. There is no glory in suffering needlessly. Take small and easy steps now to prevent bigger pain (literally and figuratively) from happening in the future. The doctors at The Specific are good at getting sick people well, and even better at helping people realize true health before sickness is allowed to take root.

Live the life you are meant to live! Visit today for more information on how we can help you live your best life!

P.S. Since I got this blog done, I didn’t have to pay the penalty! Stay tuned for more blogs about my experiences as the “new doc”. Until next time…