When we get hurt, we rest to heal. When we feel pain, we halt all activities. When we look for
solutions, we go straight to the causation, and that is why I am eager to share my story and
experience with The Specific Chiropractic Center Boston.

My father was the first one in my family to start receiving upper cervical chiropractic
adjustments. Due to previous accidents and other physical injuries throughout his life, he
suffered from imbalance, tightened muscles, constant exhaustion, blurred vision, and impaired
hearing. This not only prevented him from functioning normally at work but also as a father to
his young children. Medical doctors could not help him after an extensive, year long, thorough
examination and said there was nothing wrong with his body.

My father’s last resort before declaring himself an invalid, was to try upper cervical chiropractic
adjustments. Drs. Bill and Shelly Trevens performed a series of x-rays and after a few
adjustments my father was able to resort to the normal physical activities that people take for
granted. He was back to doing his work without debilitating symptoms that prevented him from
living a normal life. It took time to heal but it was worth the wait.
Later on my father brought the whole family to get checked. My mother used to suffer from
tension headaches due to tight shoulder muscles and nerve pains that would run down her legs.
Once she was adjusted by Dr. Bill Trevens, all her symptoms went away almost immediately.
My brother and I used to fall sick when seasons changed. He had asthma and I got ear infections.
All of this stopped after Dr. Trevens educated us on how this helped our bodies heal naturally.
As a student in college, looking at a computer screen is a must in order to do research and
assignments. Looking down and studying also occurs on a regular day to day basis. At the end of
the day I end up having pain in my neck and lower back. Fortunately, Drs. Trevens have always
been there to help me regain my healthy state.

As we grow older, our body and health degenerates if we do not take care of it. Dr. Bill and Dr.
Shelly Trevens have shown me how our bodies have the ability to heal naturally. It is ironic that
we tend to neglect our health while it is the base component that helps us move and function.
Without a healthy body, other parts or organs can break down which may lead to more problems
in the future.

Having witnessed the almost miraculous healings that my family and I went through, I am
excited to work towards a future where I too can become someone to help others in a practical
and meaningful way. This is why I decided to major in Kinesiology in college to study the
mechanical, physiological, biochemical, neurological, and behavioral components of human
movement. This Kinesiology major is an excellent preparation for me to understand how muscle
damage, muscle fatigue and aging, cardiovascular health and energy metabolism can affect
health and wellness concerns.

Dr. Bill and Dr. Shelly Trevens are instrumental in helping me form my decisions. I have
shadowed both the doctors in the clinic and have listened to multiple stories on how upper
cervical chiropractic adjustments have helped patients get back on their feet and feel more
refreshed than ever. Seeing how the upper cervical specific technique has helped improve so
many individuals’ lives has sparked inspiration in me to pursue a degree in chiropractic school.
It is a wonderful feeling when I see the progression of patients who once could not walk on their
own to being able to take the first few steps in their life after only a few months of upper cervical
treatment. The fact that one day I too can become an integral instrument that enables a suffering
human being to live a better, healthier life is a calling that I simply am thrilled about. The
beneficiaries will not just be the patients who are living at their fullest potential, but I will also
live a satisfying and a fulfilling life while helping others.

I encourage anyone who may be on the fence about getting their nervous systems checked to
seek the help of one of The Specific Chiropractic Centers.


Rachelle Liou
Chiropractic patient and future Chiropractic student