Do not spend another dime on health care until you clearly define what it is you are looking for.  In terms of health care you can use two approaches: treatment vs true healing.

Treatment of symptoms is generally a very short term solution for pain or any health condition. Getting to the root of and correcting the cause of the problem can start to produce true healing within the body. Symptoms are your body’s way of telling you that something is wrong. They are often the last thing to show up in this process, as sickness grows in the body.

Health needs to be looked at on a spectrum with, 100% expression of health or life force on one end, and death (0% expression of life force) on the other.

Death ——————————————————————————— 100% expression of health

Symptoms show up as this process of sickness develops in the body. Just to treat symptoms is like putting a band aid on the problem. That is why at The Specific Chiropractic Centers we look to find the cause of the malfunction within the nervous system that could be contributing to the body’s inability to heal itself.

To understand healing we need to look at a few different injuries. If an individual were to have a cut, the first thing to happen in the healing process is that platelets rush to the area, in time a scab will form and within two weeks new skins cells are laid down.

Similarly, if you break your leg it is not the cast that heals the leg, nor the doctor. The doctor may have to set the bone and the cast will hold it in place but it is the intelligence within the body that creates osteoblasts which are new bone cells that in six weeks actually makes bone in the area of the break stronger than it was before the injury occurred.

These are examples of the body’s ability to heal itself.

At the Specific Chiropractic Centers we look for an interference in the central nervous system that could be preventing the body healing itself properly. This interference can be detected by very sensitive instrumentation and a thorough consultation and examination are performed to determine if you may benefit from this type of care.

After the examination our doctors will let you know if they feel they can help you, or if they can’t help you. If you or a loved one is experiencing chronic health conditions or persistent symptoms consider how you would like to approach this issue with your body. Do you just want to treat the symptoms or would it make more sense to have your nervous system checked to see if there is an obstruction to your body’s ability to heal itself?

Not everyone needs a chiropractic adjustment, but it makes sense to get checked to see if you do.  You may have much more healing potential than you ever thought possible.

If you or someone you love has stubborn health problems and you feel like you’ve tried everything, don’t give up just yet.  Specific Chiropractic may be the answer for you as it has been for tens of thousands of others.

If this sounds like you, or someone you care about, I want to invite you to our no obligation Big Idea class that is held every other Tuesday.  We do have a limited number of seats so please make your reservation early before the class fills up.

To reserve your spot please call our toll free number 1-888-722-4467 for The Specific Chiropractic Center nearest you.

Yours in Health,

Drs. Bill and Shelly Trevens