Let me ask you a question before we get started. Do you ever get tired of your doctor telling you that the cause of your problem is age? I feel that question and the response is a cop out! Let me explain.2016-10-24_1632

I have to admit I get really excited when I’m prepping your exam results from the first day you came into the office. It’s this time where we show you an actual solution to help you get back on the road to recovery.

Now this is where I need to tell you that I help a lot of people just like you.   Take a look at the pictures above. The one on the left is a normal neck X ray and the one on the right isn’t. Look closely at the picture to the right. You can see the difference of appearance the bones circled in red is compared to the ones above and the bones in the left image. Some doctor’s will tell their patients that the arthritis/damage that they have is due to their normal aging process.

And our response to that answer would be: “Is the damaged area on the X ray older than the non-damaged area?” Sounds silly right? We feel it’s more like a Past Trauma + Time = Damage that causes pain and problems.

“Follow-up X-Rays taken an average of 7 years after injury in one series of patients without prior roentgenographic(X Ray) evidence of disc disease indicated that 39% had developed degenerative disc disease at one or more disc levels since the injury.” Deans, Neck Sprain – A major cause of disability following Car Accidents, p.10. Holm, in The Cervical Spine, Lippincott, 1989, p. 440.

I know many of you reading this are suffering from a health challenge that you haven’t been able to overcome or know someone who is. If it isn’t you maybe it’s someone else you know. Truly think about them. Maybe, just maybe, the cause happened a long time ago. It’s not your fault just forgotten. Let us take a look at you and figure out how much damage has occurred and find you a solution. Our offices, thespecific.com are fully equipped to help you get back on the road to recovery.

Yours in Health,

Get Hope, Get Well, Live Life.

Bryan Wright, D.C.