I’m often asked the question by my patients, “How come more people do not regularly see a chiropractor?” Or, “Why is it that more people don’t know that chiropractic can help with X, Y, and Z health problem?” For the longest time, I did not have the answer to these types of questions, and to be honest, it was a question I had often asked myself before getting into private practice. According to recent statistics, chiropractic is utilized by roughly only 8 to 10 percent of the population; which leaves a lot of people wondering, “What about the other 90%?” What is the beef people have with chiropractic that causes 90% of people to not even seek out how chiropractic can be of value to their overall health? As I talk to people in my community on a daily basis that are among this 90% of people, I have stumbled upon quite a few commonalities in reasoning for why people choose not to utilize chiropractic. I would like to share why I believe such a large majority of people DON’T see a chiropractor, and how in our clinics at the Specific Chiropractic Center around the world, we aim our marketing at this 90% of people, in an effort, to shift their perception of what chiropractic isn’t more than what it is. Often times I find people base their decisions off of opinions they have formed, based on their own experiences, or the experience of others, instead of facts. Well here are a few HUGE reasons I believe people don’t utilize chiropractic, and here are the FACTS behind why these notions are false, and hopefully allow you to generate your own opinion:

“There is nothing scientific about chiropractic” – I agree, in 95% of chiropractic clinics around the U.S., there is no science present in the clinical practice of chiropractic. In a world where people are used to coming to a doctor’s office, and getting blood work, labs, MRI’s, CT scans, NCV’s, etc. and then given results, a diagnosis, and a possible treatment, and then shown a positive result in one of these tests post treatment; chiropractic “evaluation and treatment” in 95% of offices appears to be unscientific, unrealistic, and unbelievable. There is nothing “scientific” about pushing around on your spine, asking where it hurts, or is “tender”, and moving bones to hear them “crack” in that same area, and so now the problem must be fixed, right? Folks, if there is no neurological indicators taken before you are “adjusted”, and then again, after you are adjusted, how do you, or the doctor for that matter, know anything occurred to the nervous system positive or negative? How do we know that particular bone needed to be “cracked” at that particular time? At the Specific, we take neurological testing EVERY visit utilizing Computerized Infrared Thermography to establish whether there is interference occurring in your nervous system on a day to day basis, or not; if there is, we take specific motion x-rays to establish which bone in the upper neck is causing this interference, so we can make a clinical judgment as to what bone needs to be adjusted in what direction. We use SCIENCE to establish the problem, and SCIENCE to know that we have fixed it, and SCIENCE to know when you DO NOT need an adjustment. It goes with the old saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” We don’t guess when it comes to your health, it’s too important.

“Chiropractic doesn’t make sense, and I don’t understand the Goal” – I wish I had a dollar for every time someone said, “I heard if I go to a chiropractor I have to go forever.” Let me clear the air, my goal as a chiropractor is to get you to the point where your body’s nervous system is functioning so well; you don’t have to come see me but once every couple months to get “checked” for a nerve system problem, because you now understand what living with even the slightest interference to your nerve system feels like. Just like getting the oil changed in your car, or preventative maintenance to your air conditioner; your nervous system needs the same attention. In 95% of chiropractic clinics, each visit you go in, you get adjusted because your spine “feels stuck” in certain places EVERY TIME you go in, sound familiar. This doesn’t make sense to anybody that has common sense. If I went into a dentist office, and every single time I went I got a cavity filled; I would be finding a new dentist. At some point should I have taken the steps in my dental hygiene to not need a cavity filled? The same holds true for chiropractic. If you had been going to get “adjusted” three times a week for four weeks, 12 visits, should at some point my nervous system be healthier, just like my teeth, and I not need an adjustment? Our goal at the Specific, is to fix the nervous system problem, and KNOW we have fixed it based on our objective indicators, and to get you to the point to where you DON’T NEED an adjustment because we have corrected the problem, and it is now holding in the proper position leading to ZERO nervous system interference. Said in short, ADJUSTMENT= A PROBLEM, NO ADJUSTMENT= NO PROBLEM, at some point we should know when we have fixed the problem, and you’re nervous system is on the job all the time, allowing you to live your life without any obstruction to the most important system that runs you. That is the goal, and it doesn’t have to be confusing. Let one of our docs in your area at The Specific Chiropractic Center show you what chiropractic really is, and what it really can do for your health concerns, with science, no confusion, and a plan that makes sense.

– Grant Dennis