Have you ever wanted something so bad, that you might even be willing to work hard to fix it, instead of waiting to save for a professional to take a look?

For years I have heard my husband express his love of Mini Coopers. Probably from that action movie that I can’t remember the name, Anyways! The opportunity came after I completely totaled his old car. And the perfect opportunity for him to own a Mini Cooper happened. He loved that car especially because he had worked on several issues with his best friend before he was able to drive it. It was also all we could afford at that moment. However when they were fixing one thing, another issue would come up. As time went by, the cost kept adding up.

This experience started to affect me because I had commitments, like making it to my office. One day, I must confess, that even though I heard sounds, I pressed on the gas and the car started to straddle and kept vibrating, all the way to the office on the freeway. I remember thinking “I hope the straddling will pass”,  and “Common car, let’s make it to the office”. Just like that children’s story of “The Little Engine That Could”.

The car did not leave me in the middle of the road. Thank God! But it surely taught me a great lesson after we took it to this specialized European Car Shop, which was recommended by a friend with a Mini Cooper.  The lesson was “ The more you wait, the worse it gets”. The car was giving us all sorts of signs that indicated something was wrong with it, all those lights in the panel, those sounds and finally the straddle. The diagnosis was not good, and the bill was even worse.

Even when I knew there might be something wrong, I reluctantly asked “How do you know that the car is in such bad shape??” They plugged the car up to a scanner and showed me all the codes. The mechanic printed a list of issues and then he said if anything goes wrong after they fix my car, bring it back and they guarantee their work for a year. They will fix at no extra cost!

This whole experience made me reflect back on how long we wait to take care of our own bodies, the vehicles that allow us to live life. Many of us think that a little exercise, a little yoga or a massage will help.  The daily self talk we have “It’s just a headache it will go away” or “It’s the stress from work, I just need a vacation” day after day. And as the time goes by, the aches and pains stay longer and longer.

I learned the hard way, but your experience does not have to be this way. Think of all the money you have already spent. At The Specific Chiropractic Center, we specialize in finding the cause of your health issues. At our offices we pre-qualify our patients, we get cases that have not improved in other places, cases that have lost hope. And the best of all, we will guarantee our service.

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