Black smoke. Orange flames.

A brush fire was blazing on the other side of the freeway. The fire must have just ignited in that moment because traffic was not backed up on either side yet and there was no fire response. I figured someone made the call to the fire department and kept driving along. But as I kept driving I never heard sirens or saw any response coming down the freeway.

Then it dawned on me, maybe no one made the call? What if no one made the call because we all assumed someone else will just do it? The fire department is only good for putting out fires if they are made aware of them in the first place.

This brush fire lead me into deep thought. How many times a day do we just assume someone else will do the thing? Someone else will make the call, send the email, clean up the mess, take out the trash, book the flights, etc.

If we take an honest look at ourselves, we all do this more than we realize. It may be as simple as assuming your significant other picked up the dry cleaning or as drastic as assuming someone else will stand up for what is right and make the necessary difference. More often than not, no one ends up stepping up to the plate. So I ask, if not you, then who?

I believe that every single one of us has a true purpose and gift in life. I also believe that our gifts are meant to be shared. Your purpose is far too wonderful to keep to yourself. By sharing your purpose with everyone, you not only bring enjoyment to yourself and those around you, but you bring exponential value to other individuals’ lives.

What is it that you do that can make a difference in your community for the better? What is it that you know that could change the world? Why wait, based on assumption that someone else will be the one to bring that change or make that difference?

I’d like to share with you my purpose. Years ago I learned that chiropractic was about removing disturbances in the nervous system, the system which controls all functions in the body. I learned that you could not be 100% healthy if your nervous system was not functioning at 100%. I learned that as a result of a less than 100% nervous system function, chronic and devastating health ailments can arise and severely interfere with an individual’s livelihood. I realized then that my purpose in life was to share that very same message with my community and the entire world. Now fast forward many years later from that realization, I am opening up my chiropractic office and on the path to becoming the source of empowerment for my community to make better decisions relative to their health and wellness.

I implore you to share your purpose with the world. Share your gift! It is so easy to do nowadays. Anyone can have a Facebook or Instagram account with a billion+ audience at your fingertips. Anyone can write an e-book or create a video blog. Your community is dying to hear your message! Imagine the impact you would make.

If not you, then who?

Yours in health,

Dr. Alicia Tsounis