How do I warm up for Pokémon go?

(Or any other workout)

How many times have you gone to workout or run out of your house to catch a Pikachu without even warming up first?

Ok but seriously, this is a very common problem because most people are very busy, they want to get their workout done as quickly as possible, or they just aren’t sure what they should do. Here are 3 super easy tips I recommend to get you prepped for your workout in 10-15 minutes.

Mobilize – Now anyone can tell you to stretch. The Key is that you want it to be 1-2 minutes per stretch. Anything longer than that will actually hinder your workout. Focus on any of your specific problem areas and make sure to breathe through each stretch

Prep your whole body – The key here is that you need to break a sweat before you even get started with your workout. Increasing your blood circulation by breaking a sweat will prepare your muscles, ligaments and joints for your workout. Make sure you start out slow and work your way up to a faster pace. This will better prepare your whole body and help decrease the risk of injury.

Prep the movements – This is different than prepping your whole body. The most important piece here is that you want to take the movements you have for that day and focus on them specifically. If you are squatting then you want to make sure that you can move through the full range of motion safely without any “sticking points”. These will cause you to compensate your movements leading to poor movement patterns and over time they will lead to injury.

I hope you have found this super helpful. Remember, there are many ways to warm up and prepare your body. Just be safe and have fun.
Go catch ’em all 😉

-Dr. Brandon Brown