My Whole Body Functions Well Together

I could no longer run, sit long enough to sew (one of my favorite pastimes), or do household chores such as laundry or sweeping the floor. I had to train myself to move differently to compensate for my back and hip. I no longer made the decisions of my life. Instead, those were made by my body ... Read More

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A Recent Study Causes Harvard Medical School To Start Giving Financial Advice To Their Patients

The last time you went to see a doctor did they check your portfolio and give you financial advice? Well, if you’ve recently been a patient at Harvard Medical School you might find yourself leaving with more than just health recommendations. A recent study about the cost of being sick surprised the researchers at Harvard and inspired them to start making financial recommendations. After reviewing... 

Relax. It’s just a Car Accident?

Is it better to relax before the impact of a car accident or try to brace beforehand?  If you knew, or were even aware that an accident was about to happen, does that actually help you or hurt you? I can almost guarantee when you ask someone that question, even if it’s a perfect stranger, they would say, “It’s better to be relaxed.”  Even now, when you first read the question above, I bet... 

The 5 Best Ways to Stop Micromanaging Your Body

What an uncommon topic this is, and yet most of us don’t even know we are often doing this. Have you been in a work environment where you felt micromanaged? You want to just tell your boss that you could show them your best work if they just gave you the space you needed. Now what if the roles were turned, and you were the boss, and your body was the employee that seemed to be causing all of... 

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