My Whole Body Functions Well Together

I could no longer run, sit long enough to sew (one of my favorite pastimes), or do household chores such as laundry or sweeping the floor. I had to train myself to move differently to compensate for my back and hip. I no longer made the decisions of my life. Instead, those were made by my body ... Read More

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Do You Have This Exceptional Mindset?

If you wake up in the morning and notice that you are in pain, do you ask yourself “What did I do to have this pain?”  And as far as you can tell, nothing comes to mind?  While you may look back and start remembering an event that you feel “caused” the pain, we want you to start differentiating between an event and a process. Is it an event or a process? Was a heart attack in someone you... 

How Starbucks Is Flushing Your Vitamins Down The Drain

One of the most common questions I am asked by my patients is about vitamins. I think for the majority of people, myself included, vitamins are a good idea, but only if you take them correctly. What? There’s a right and a wrong way to take vitamins? Yes! If you take your vitamins at the wrong time of the day or with the wrong type of food you might as well be flushing them directly down the drain. I... 

4 Simple Tips to a Healthier BBQ

When most people think of BBQ, they usually don’t associate it with the word healthy.  I can clearly remember family BBQ’s growing up which included anything from hamburgers, hot dogs and baby back ribs, to potato salad, chips, and some type of soda.  However, as more and more of us are discovering long-lived mistakes in our All-American diets, it is becoming apparent that something needs to... 

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