The Story of Susan Harlow-Schott

Before Specific Care

“From 1992 to 2005 I was in a series of around 11 auto accidents which compounded my leg, back, sciatic and neck problems. Around 1995 I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. By October 2004 I had been reduced to no stairs, no swimming, no walking farther than 20 feet. If I had to do anything it was most always with the help of a wheel-chair. If stairs were involved, I just didn’t do it. I was dealing with chronic pain, depression and a whole slew of pills. When I tried to Susan Harlow-Schott decrease my pill popping, the  pain would increase. I was basically screwed … I was becoming increasingly depressed and feeling like this was it for me.”


Susan Harlow-Schott
47 years old

After Specific Care

“Now my Fibromyalgia and Sciatica are gone. I’m walking normally and able
to walk distances, climb and descend stairs and swim. So many things I really haven’t been able to do for years. No more wheel-chair, cane or being in bed for days. Specific Chiropractic has so dramatically changed my life. No more medicines either, which is the best part. I finally found the ‘body’ shop I had been desperately looking for and have been repaired. I have experienced a miracle in my life! I am  also am telling everyone I know and those I meet about Upper Cervical – the hidden chiropractic secret.

Complimentary Nervous System Consultation

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