Sleep Apnea

Before Specific Care

“I suffered from Sleep Apnea for 8-10 years. I heard about Sleep Apnea from my family who would tell me that when I slept, I would stop breathing and then gasp for air as if I had been suffocating. This gasping was an ongoing occurrence every 3-4 minutes when I was asleep. This caused me to be very tired during my ‘awake’ hours. I found myself falling sleep while in church, at the movies, at friends houses or anytime I was sitting still for a few minutes. In talking to my medical doctor, I was advised to lose weight if I wanted to overcome Sleep Apnea. I was also provided with a CPAP machine to wear at night time, which blew air into my nostrils to keep me breathing through the night.”


Mel Gibson
57 years old

After Specific Care

“I began receiving treatment at The Specific Chiropractic Center after being diagnosed as having a neck that was out of alignment. After two months of twice-a-week adjustments and check- up’s I was asked to sleep without using my CPAP machine to see if I was still suffering from Sleep Apnea. My wife was happy to say that I no longer gasped for air while I was asleep. It has been over two years now and I haven’t had to use my CPAP machine at all and I am still sleeping comfortably without it. It is great because not only do I sleep more restfully at night but I also am thankful that I no  longer have to haul my CPAP machine around when I travel for business or pleasure. “

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