Before Specific Care

“I had migraines 3-4 times a week. Each migraine required an Imitrex injection. Often I would wake at 3 or 4 a.m. in a cold sweat from the excruciating pain of a migraine. Through the years I would miss at least one day of work per month due to migraines. I had no social life because I was “sick” every weekend or on my days off I had to rest and sleep just so I could be sure to make it to work. I couldn’t plan a weekend or vacation for fear of the dreaded migraine. I also had no energy which meant no social life, no hobbies, and no special activities. Being plagued all my life with disabling migraines severely affected my ability to be a good wife. Also I was plagued all my life with nightmares, every night!“


Debra Vasquez
55 years old

After Specific Care

“No more nightly nightmares. What a relief!! No more severe migraines. No more nausea and vomiting. I don’t ever have to worry about an ocular migraine attack where I could be endangered while driving or the embarrassment of becoming suddenly ill in front of friends or coworkers. No more medication. Feeling clear headed when I wake up. I repeat, I no longer take any medications. Sometimes I still may have a cluster of weeks where I’ll have one “low grade” migraine but I don’t need medications. Before Specific Chiropractic my migraines were many times worse and I was dependent on injections of Imitrex. I can go weeks now without a hint of a migraine.”

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