Thyroid Disorders

Before Specific Care

“My hips were very sore making walking and stairs difficult. By the end of the day I would try to not move. I took levothyroxine for hashimoto’s disease (.88mg). I had gained weight with my thyroid problem. My immune system was destroying my thyroid. I had allergies and asthma often with bronchitis and walking pneumonia. I was on Fexofenadine, Albuterol inhaler and Advair. I couldn’t walk outside much without gasping for breath and needing my inhaler. Camping, gardening etc. were not enjoyable. I couldn’t enjoy our 10 grandchildren as much because I was limited in my activities. My legs were covered with varicose veins and my toes were numb on the left foot. I took Advil daily.”


Bonnie Nichols
59years old
Springville, Utah

After Specific Care

The first thing I noticed was that the pain in my hips was gone. I could run up stairs and walk for miles. By April, my doctor reduced the strength (of my thyroid medication) from .88mg to .50 mg. By September, my doctor told me to discontinue my levothyroxine. Now, 8 months after starting with Specific Chiropractic Care, I am completely off of all my thyroid medications! My brain has fixed my misinformed immune system and has reversed the hashimoto’s disease. I have lost 25 pounds and continue losing weight without the thyroid medicine. I am also off all my asthma medicines and have not had to take advil for over six months!

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