Before Specific Care

“I used to have a very restricted diet with sensitivity to gluten, lactose and sugars.  I was dealing with food sensitivities and candidiasis as well as chronic fatigue, anxiety and depression.  My condition limited my ability to do my job – to have the energy to do massage or other activities.  My mood also affected my ability to interact with clients, friends and family in a positive manner.  I remember crying in the office and saying “I’ll probably never be able to eat normally ever again.”  Dr. Paige said that is not true – something is wrong and that with time, healing will take place and I will be able to enjoy foods I love and enjoy my life again as well.”

Michelle Hobart

After Specific Care

“Today, I am able to enjoy foods that I thought I’d never tolerate!  (I can even eat pizza, ice cream and chocolate if I want to!)  Now I can enjoy eating like a “normal person”!  This allows me to enjoy eating out and cooking foods again with friends and family.  I have more energy as well which has allowed me to grow my business and better enjoy all activities.  I love Specific Chiropractic because it has added benefit of built in diagnostics and knowing I’ll only be adjusted when absolutely necessary.  I also love the resting period to allow my body to hold the adjustment.  The doctors are so supportive, patient and kind.”

Complimentary Nervous System Consultation

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