2014 is here and we all have a renewed commitment to work on ourselves and achieve some newly made goals. Exercise 5 times a week and lose those 10 pounds. Eat only healthy, nutritious food. Increase my financial status. Everyone starts working hard the first of the year with the best of intentions. But no matter what goals we have created for ourselves, the seeming enormity of theses tasks is one of the reasons we end up breaking our commitments by early February. Here are a few simple goals you can make, and tips to help you keep them throughout the year:

1. Drink More Water. We all know the drill. Drink. Drink. Drink. Just when you think you have had enough water, drink some more. Water does many things when it comes to your overall health. Not only will it help aid in weigh loss by curving the hunger pains, but it will help keep your energy at an all time high, decrease your toxic load and help your skin look fabulous.

2. Don’t Focus on Dieting, Focus on Eating. When you focus on what you are eating and what is going into your body, weight loss becomes a natural side effect. When you are too worried about counting every calorie, cutting portions and reflecting on every ingredient, it stresses us out! Stress in turn adds pounds.

3. Wear a Pedometer. This can help you to get yourself out of your seat and achieve some of your health goals. Setting a goal of 10,000 steps a day and working to achieve it will help create a new healthy habit, promote weight loss and give you the opportunity to reach short term goals while working on the big ones.

4. Get an App. There are so many tools out there now, right on your smart phone, that can help you track your goals. Accountability is king. Having an app to watch your progress on the goals you have created will not only give you incentive to keep going but will let you know when you are following behind. Find an app that will be your own personal cheerleader!

5. Celebrate Little Victories. This is perhaps one of the most important tips. Often times we focus too much on reaching the end goal that we forget to celebrate the little victories along the way. This will help in keeping you encouraged as well as providing a reminder that you are a success!

Create big goals this year and stretch yourself to reach them. More importantly, create mechanisms that help you to take action steps towards your goals, track your goals and hold yourself accountable. When you do those things, anything is possible!

Happy 2014!