Be Happy Image - Stress1. Breathe Deeper

This sounds really simple right? It’s not so easy if you’re standing in front of a wild grizzly bear and the only things standing between you and his teeth and claws are your camera and some peanut butter M&Ms!

When you’re surrounded by stressful circumstances, it SEEMS like you’re surrounded by bears! In fact, some people around you assume the role of the bear, or better yet, a whole gathering of bears!

Stress actually makes us breathe short, shallow, breaths that hardly meet the minimum requirements of oxygen that our body needs to thrive! A chronic lack of oxygen takes it’s toll on our bodies, and makes us feel terrible.

You will make a huge difference in your health if you start taking deep, comfortable breaths. You should also take time to enjoy your food, put your shoulders back, and open up that torso, so that it’s easy for your gut to produce Serotonin, which is the “feel good” hormone that is ONLY released when you are in a calm and collected state. Serotonin is sometimes experienced by runners as “runner’s high.”

And as the famous Mr. Miyagi stated on the Karate Kid: “No breathe, no life.”

2. Routinely Mind-dump

I was recently talking to a famous journalist who rarely spends more than 5 hours max at home. The rest of her time is spent working to catch the next story and meet the deadline.  I thought I had a lot of mind chatter until speaking with her. When I asked her what she does to clear her mind in the midst all of the chaos, she replied, “I just write it down, crumple up the paper, and it’s done!”

When I told her that was a routine tool that successful people use to let go of unwanted stuff as well as gain clarity, she said, “Well I learned that after 12 years of trying to figure it out on my own!”

Start cleaning up the clutter in your mind by doing a write-and-dump. You can even burn the paper just to show your mind what you want to do with those unwanted thoughts. It brings some organization and focus to your life, not to mention peace of mind!

3. Find Things to Appreciate

If you compared your life right now to Kings and Queens of Ancient times, you have more comforts and access to knowledge than they could ever dream of finding, and to hear anyone complain about their lack of anything doesn’t make any sense. Finding things to appreciate is first and foremost a choice, and secondly a deliberate and specific productive focus of your thoughts in an awesome direction.

Start by finding one thing to appreciate the first day, then two the next day, and so on. This way things don’t need to happen in order for you to get happy – instead, you get happy by finding things to appreciate!  If you wanna be gung-ho about it, you can list 10 things on a daily basis that not only make you feel happy, but also give you MORE things to be happy about since what you focus on grows!

4. Clean Up Your Relationships.

If you karate-chopped all of the people that pulled you off of your happiness horse, eventually you’d have no one else to talk to, and then there would be no one else to do business with.  The simple truth is that relationships are eternal. They will always be at the level we last left them, and there they sit, waiting to be improved upon.  People often sit around recalling story after story of people who have offended them. Then they end up feeling terrible, and anger ends up being the emotion of the day that oozes into every aspect of their lives.

Rather than jumping in to change everyone around you, begin cleaning up your relationship with you, and your higher-self, by saying the famous Hawaiian phrase: “I’m sorry, please forgive me. Thank You, I love you.”  You can’t say it without feeling better! You will find the joy in becoming a provider of energy to your relationships.

5. Follow Up On Unbroken Promises.

Many people say: “I’m going to start tomorrow,” and then a day or a week, or even a year goes by and all you can think about is the list of “to-dos” that continually grows longer. If the list keeps piling, and nothing gets done about it, then the pressure builds up until a feeling of being overwhelmed kicks in. You know you’re there when you feel sad, depressed, or even poor.

Start by making easy promises and ACTUALLY doing them, such as waking up at the very time you said you would, and exercising when you said you would, and setting up time with your family. As you make a habit of keeping promises, your energy level rises, and when your energy level rises, you FEEL HAPPY!