Life is full of commitments, especially for business executives and professional athletes. There are commitments to family life, work life, and, of course, weekend warrior activities and game-day performances. However, recently I have started to notice a trend that there is a lack of commitment in one critical area of life: health.

Now, I am not accusing everyone of not being committed to their health. For the most part, we make the conscious decisions to eat healthy, pursue activity, and get our annual physicals. Yet, at The Specific Chiropractic Center, we continue to see one area of health to which our prospective patients have not yet made a commitment – the health of their nervous systems.

We operate in a society of “getting checked.” If we feel hot, we take our temperature. We go to the dentist twice a year to make sure we don’t have any cavities, and that our teeth are in good health.  In latest trends, men (especially those exposed to significant stressors – that is you Mr. Executive and Mr. Pro athlete) are now getting their testosterone levels checked. We have the Fitbit to measure our steps per day, our heart rate at any point in time, and even to measure our calories burned. Have we beat the dead horse enough yet?

I propose that amongst all these test, the most important test you are missing in your list of commitments is a nervous system evaluation. As you know, the nervous system is responsible for controlling every single function of the human body. Even more fascinating, when there is an interruption in the function of your nervous system, your body undergoes significant physiological changes just to survive instead of thrive.

Amidst your board meetings, training sessions, and game-day performances, your nervous system is committed to making sure that you function at the top of your game 100% of the time. Why wouldn’t you want to make sure that your nervous system is functioning 100% free of interruption? I challenge you, today, to raise your hand and make a commitment to having an evaluation of your nervous system performed. I challenge you to commit to your health, getting well, getting hope, and thriving in life.

Call The Specific Chiropractic Center nearest your city today to schedule your nervous system test.

I dare you to commit.