Let’s face it, your life is spent on airplanes, living in hotels, eating in some of the most delightful restaurants, but keeping a consistent workout doesn’t seem possible (at least that’s what you think). You’re faced with strict meeting schedules, limited workout equipment or even in some cases no workout facility. This all calls for a reason to deviate from a regular workout routine. All that hard work you put in feels wasted and here begins the cycle of your yo-yo pattern.
Don’t let a travel schedule control the reason you get out of sync with your workouts. If you’ve got the time, we’ve got the answers.

These are scenarios that you can expect when traveling. The first step is scope out the scene- do they have an exercise room? If so what does it offer? Best case scenario, the basic setup includes an elliptical, recumbent bike, a treadmill, stability balls and dumbbells.

Here’s a sample workout utilizing your basic hotel exercise room equipment:

Matrix (warm-up)
8 alternating presses
8 alternating Ys
8 alternating curls
8 alternating rows
Reach sequence
8 front, lateral, transverse

12 thrusters
12 curls
12 squat and curls
Repeat 4 times

Now if they don’t offer a facility or the exercise room is filled with travelers just like you, trying to get in their workout, then we’ve got Plan B.

No equipment, no space, well no problem! You’ve got all that you need… and that’s YOU! So no excuses, you can make it happen.

Check out this great workout that requires no equipment at all:

12 squats
12 push ups
6 anterior reaches (both sides-12 total)
12 groiners
12 gentle mountain climbers
12 lunges
Repeat 3 times

Had an early start? Long day? Back to back meetings? No energy to leave the room? There’s still an answer. Not only can it be done right in your room, but it can only take you less than 15 minutes. Short and sweet!

View J’s travel band workout:

12 squats
12 rows
12 compound rows
12 chest press
12 flys
12 lateral abs each side
Repeat 4 times

Invest in your own traveler’s equipment. The best $25 you’ll ever spend. (Reach out to us to find out how you can get your hands on one)

We’ve just given you some tools you need to not skip a beat. The travelers workout ensures that you still have a plan. Don’t let the excuse of traveling detour you from staying focused. So the next time you’re on your next work trip, remember the traveler’s workout is the answer. For more tips on creating a healthy lifestyle or to find out how we can help you, visit us on Facebook at Lifestyle of J Squared, Jane Simbre Janero, John J Janero or on Instagram @jjandjane.

Your life, your choice.

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