everydoctorWhy didn’t my doctor tell me about this?

Why haven’t I seen this on WebMD?

Why didn’t my doctor do a Thermography test?

Why didn’t my doctor see that on my x-rays?

Why didn’t my previous chiropractor do it this way?

Why? Why? Why? …it’s a common question in all of our offices around the country and we are more than prepared to answer it. Not because we think we know everything there is to know about health and how the body functions (no one can claim that amount of knowledge), but because when you perform a procedure only a handful of doctors in the world are capable of performing you get really good at answering “Why?”.

Tens of thousands of people love to play golf and would probably love to quit their day job and join the PGA Tour. So why are there only 125 PGA Tour golfers? Simple – it ain’t easy! Sure, PGA level golfers have a bit of natural talent, but talent alone can’t carry them from their hometown golf course to the Pebble Beach’s or Agusta’s of the world. It takes a dedication to improving their skill that most golfers aren’t willing to do day in and day out for years.

The same holds true for specialists in the healthcare field. To be a specialist one must sit through more hours of classroom instruction, more hours of studying, more time spent as an associate, apprentice, or resident, and more money invested in their education.

Once they’re in practice they then must be willing to invest their whole practice and all the equipment in it to see only one type of patient. And frequently the cases seen by specialists are complex and require a lot of skill to be successful. The attitude commonly used by general practitioners of, “Let’s try this and see how it goes,” is unacceptable or even dangerous, in the world of the specialist.

Upper cervical chiropractors are the equivalent of specialists in the medical field. What we do is not easy and therefore not for everyone. It takes an immense amount of skill, dedication, and specialized equipment to be an upper cervical chiropractor.

Due the poor (but improving as of late) relationship between the medical profession and the chiropractic profession it is still rather rare that a medical doctor would have heard of, or refer to, an upper cervical chiropractor.

And in the general public the word is getting out about how successful upper cervical chiropractic can be for chronic, complex, and stubborn health problems, but still relatively few people are discovering this specialty on traditional websites like WebMD.

If someone you know has a chronic health problem that hasn’t responded well to traditional medical treatment or radical dietary and lifestyle changes perhaps it’s time they type in “upper cervical chiropractic” in Google. It just might change their life.

Authored by Dr. Jason Gonzales, DC

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