Depression in the East Bay

Depression comes in a wide variety and can affect anyone at ANY age. Did you know Depression is the number TWO cause of death in teenagers in the Bay area? The East Bay is having a drastic increase of teenage suicide and it unfortunately, these numbers are increasing without any resolution of the problem! More and more medications are coming out for depression, but more and more people are becoming depressed.

What are the statistics that we are talking about?
⦁ Over 15 million people in the U.S. are affected by depression
⦁ 1 out of 2 people with depression, also have an anxiety disorder
⦁ 1 out of 33 children in the U.S. struggle with depression
⦁ 1 Out of 8 adolescents in the U.S. have depression
⦁ Almost 7 % struggle with moderate depression, meaning it is affecting their everyday lives.
⦁ Women are twice as likely to get depression than males in the U.S.
⦁ Depression is the second leading cause of disability in Western Society

Now, where does Chiropractic play a role with mental health?! More and more research is coming out saying that depression is caused by a “chemical imbalance” rather than an inflammation issue. This means a lot of previous theories about depression have been debunked. Chiropractic can actually REDUCE inflammation by focusing on the nervous system! That’s right, there are multiple studies showing the reduction of stress, anxiety and even depression!
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Dr. Alex(a)